Your company’s image is everything. Presentation affects how customers judge the services you provide. L’imaginatif offers your company everything from the design of a logo to a complete branding package.

A brand is a symbolic embodiment of all the information connected to a company, product or service. A brand or corporate identity, serves to create associations and expectations among products made by a producer. A brand often includes an explicit logo design, font and typography structure, colour schemes and symbols, which can be used across all marketing materials.

L’Imaginatif Technologies provides an entire branding package including our full colour print service. Whether you need business cards, letterhead or brochures, L’Imaginatif Technologies can help. We design and develop your brand identity beginning with your company logo. This is your company’s visual identity to the outside world, and thus of significant importance. We’ll then integrate that exclusive logo into all your marketing and promotional materials which typically include: letterhead, business cards, brochures and website.

From the initial concept of your company or corporate image to completion, L’Imaginatif Technologies will assist and advise in all aspects of your brand awareness campaign and creation. Get started developing an identity branding plan that will set your products and services apart from the crowd of competitors.